Cräft! v0.4.1-alpha


  • avoid scale on app view
  • avoid equip and unequip of items while farming 
  • make top bar look better by adding its borders to regular buttons 
  • make dialog close on escape or click outside the viewport
  • added percent label to progress bars
  • added a tooltip to the functions that are not directly accessible like adventure mode and additional cräfters
  • fixed a bug where items get unselected on failed unequip
  • fixed a bug where resources are not properly set on armor
  • balance: item stats on creating it
  • balance: player level will now influence def and mdef
  • balance: items give now individual exp when being cräfted
  • balance: player level will now influence atk and matk
  • balance: item rarity now influences atk and matk
  • balance: player dex and vit will now influence farming delay
  • balance: player matk will now, alongside atk, influence item being gathered during farming
  • balance: farming damage slighly lowered
  • balance: farming will now consume stamina based on number of farming sessions
  • balance: exp is now conserved when leveled up prematurely instead of being discarded
  • balance: new attribute agi has been introduced
  • balance: player and its items will not recover during farming
  • balance: stamina and hp recovery is now capped at 100%


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Feb 22, 2020

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